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Land Investment IRA / 1031 Exchange

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Did you know that your IRA can purchase Real Estate? Or, that land qualifies for a 1031 Exchange? It's true... If you have funds sitting in a low earning savings account, diversify your portfolio, defer capital gains tax, increase your return on investment and generate more annual revenue by buying Land!

Want to increase your retirement nest egg? With a Self Directed IRA or Roth IRA, you are allowed to purchase land as an investment. This also applies to raw land and capital for the development of land like a residential subdivision. Selling Real Estate and looking for a way to shelter capital gains tax? A 1031 Exchange for land works! If you have underperforming funds in a retirement account, or just looking to turbocharge your Return on Investment, Land may be the answer! Give us a call for more information and consult your CPA or investment counselor for further advice as certain conditions and guidelines do apply.

Get the best bang for the buck, consider the world's oldest and safest long-term investment... Land!

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